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Hello, I'm Mike

In the heart of Old Town, I found not just a place to live but a pulsating community, a heartbeat that resonated with my own. Driven by a profound desire to give back and support others, I embarked on a mission to start Compass Tech Tutors.


My journey isn't shaped merely by credentials or past roles, but by genuine care and the joy of seeing others thrive. For me, Compass Tech Tutors is more than just a business;  it's a heartfelt mission to bridge the digital divide and strengthen our community.

My Origins

Picture this: Me and Rosa, my faithful fox-red Labrador, walking across the charming paths of Old Town.

Ever caught yourself wondering, "Who's that chap?"

A native of Gdansk, Poland, I landed in the UK in 2008, a wide-eyed 10-year-old with only my mother by my side. Grappling with a foreign language and devoid of familiar faces, I was a stranger in an alien world, thrown into the chaos of a Year-6 classroom. Time flew by...

During my University years I had worked at Apple as a 'Genius' - The first line of support for Apple technologies. I've also founded a film production society, and even took three years out during my placement year to support my first start-up venture -  technical sound design for films. However...

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A Pandemic
Driven Shift

When the world seemed to come crashing down with the pandemic, I wasn't exempt from its tremors. The landscape of my freelance work has been greatly altered. Most of my contacts switched careers. This glooming uncertainty clouded the horizon.


Seeking purpose amidst the chaos, I had channelled my efforts into serving Kirklees College's Students, as a visually impaired support worker, specialising in accessible technologies.

Life has a funny way of directing us, doesn't it?

The Spark

Curiosity runs through my veins. I have got an insatiable hunger for knowledge and discovering new technologies, a thirst that never seems to waive. I relish inspiring others to share in this passion, especially when the subject matter aligns with my expertise.

Looking back, I realised I have been this beacon of guidance since my teen years—supporting family, friends, co-workers. You could say, imparting knowledge is my 'thing'.

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Charting Your Technologies

Picture knowledge as this vast, uncharted 3D map. Everyone's map looks different—some parts explored, others untouched. My mission is to discern the territories you've already traversed, where your confidence lies, and which parts of the map remain uncharted.

As we navigate the captivating seas of technology, we will push the boundaries of your horizons, all while I serve as your trusted guide. This, is the fundamental philosophy behind Compass Tech Tutors.

Cluster of Islands

Chart Your Digital Voyage with Our Tech Quiz

In the vast seas of technology, it's essential to find your unique island of knowledge. Compass Tech Tutors invites you to chart your existing prowess with our insightful quiz.

Contact Information

If you are ready to get on board and embark on your tech tutoring voyage, feel free to contact me.

07856 86 84 61 

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