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My Approach to Tech Tutoring

In the vast seas of technology, each individual stands on their unique island of knowledge. My philosophy? No one should feel adrift. My approach is personalized, methodical, and aimed at charting a course that meets you right where you are.

I Listen To Your Needs

Before we even dip our toes into the waters of technology, I begin by listening. Your needs, concerns, and aspirations become the compass by which we navigate our journey.

Want to stay connected with distant family? Or master that perplexing app? Let's set sail with your goals at the helm.

We Meet Wherever You Are


It's not about starting from scratch, but recognising the territory you've already covered. I delve deep to understand and chart your existing knowledge, appreciating your strengths and identifying areas ripe for discovery.

It's a collaborative map-making process.

We Craft Your Learning Voyage

Once we've sketched out your digital map, I develop a tailored learning plan with clear milestones. These aren't just arbitrary check-points; they're beacons of progress, lighting up our path and marking significant achievements.


We Create Your Own Tech Journal


After each lesson, you won't be left to drift aimlessly. I deliver actionable notes, crystallizing the knowledge we've unearthed. Think of them as your personal tech journal: a tangible record you can revisit anytime, ensuring our discoveries never fade into the fog.

We Anchor Your Understanding

Learning is a voyage, not a destination. Our goal? To not just touch upon shores of understanding but to anchor there. I continually reinforce learning, iterating and revisiting until you feel not just clarity, but a deep-seated confidence.

Cluster of Islands

Chart Your Digital Voyage with Our Tech Quiz

In the vast seas of technology, it's essential to find your unique island of knowledge. Compass Tech Tutors invites you to chart your existing prowess with our insightful quiz.

Contact Information

If you are ready to get on board and embark on your tech tutoring voyage, feel free to contact me.

07856 86 84 61 

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